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At R n B Window Cleaning all our customers are talking about us. Is it because we use the latest in window cleaning technology to clean your windows? Is it that we not only clean your windows but, the frames too?  Is it our warm and friendly customer services?  Is it our 5-star reviews on Google and Facebook?  Is it our prices that everyone is talking about?
Yes, they are talking about all these things. But when you see your windows streak free and staying clean you will be talking about us too!
Started in May 2018 we have already built our business into something special. And you thought we only cleaned windows. We clean conservatories, conservatory roofs and solar panels and skylights. Don't you hate it when your window cleaner says I can't reach that window? With our fibreglass poles and Pure Water Fed Pole technology, we can reach just about any window. Have a window above your conservatory? No problem, we can clean it. We have built our reputation on customer service, reliability and customer satisfaction. Our customers are at the heart of everything we do.
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Apart from windows and Solar panel cleaning. We also offer a complete gutter cleaning service. Keeping your gutters clean can prevent various problems further down the line. With our high tech gutter vac, we can show you the before and after of your gutters. We can also show what we have collected. Apart from all this, we can also clean your Soffit and Facias.  We do all this while staying on the ground. No ladders required. With NO ladders, we remain safe and you remain confident in how clean we leave your windows, solar panels, skylights and guttering. We even clean your front and back door too.  
We cover all areas in Manchester and welcome commercial window cleaning opportunities too.
If you're looking for "Manchester's Best Rated" window cleaning service. You have already found us.  We look forward to helping you view the world through cleaner, streak-free windows.

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R n B Window Cleaning

Voted "Manchesters Best Window Cleaning Service"

A Reliable Window Cleaning Service Working Across Manchester, That's R n B Window Cleaning.

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Facebook API Error: {"ratings":{"data":[{"created_time":"2019-04-05T07:45:20+0000","recommendation_type":"positive","review_text":"I got mine and my mums windows, doors and garage doors cleaned by pete and Tom, u have done a great job thank you. The best window cleaners iv met so far, very friendly and do what they say, pete ran out of chemical to finish off, he was back the next day without me reminding him, they messaged me in the morning to say they on their way too, excellent customer service, already booked them for a continuous four weekly clean, definitely recommend,.","reviewer":{"name":"Saima Saleem","id":"2576526829084009"}},{"created_time":"2019-03-29T08:58:28+0000","recommendation_type":"positive","review_text":"The best cleaners I have met. I am very happy with their service. Nice to know they let you know when they are coming.","reviewer":{"name":"Julia Grey","id":"2067022193334266"}},{"created_time":"2019-03-27T23:41:04+0000","recommendation_type":"positive","review_text":"Excellent first wash by the guys last week\nVery happy \nSee you next minth","reviewer":{"name":"Amanda Fitzgerald","id":"2360673460644567"}},{"created_time":"2019-03-27T09:51:27+0000","recommendation_type":"positive","review_text":"Great service from booking in, down to the windows being cleaned. nice to know they let you know when they are calling. as previous window cleaner never knew when he was calling round. Many times he didn't but said they had. Great service","reviewer":{"name":"Claire Phelan","id":"2281377615263299"}},{"created_time":"2019-03-25T21:36:42+0000","recommendation_type":"positive","review_text":"Cracking job the guys did on my windows, more than happy. Reasonable price and great service.","reviewer":{"name":"Kelly Maclean","id":"2610991695596251"}},{"created_time":"2019-03-25T14:40:17+0000","recommendation_type":"positive","review_text":"Friendly guys, professional service and they did a fantastic job clearing gutters and cleaning windows.\n\nHighly recommended.","reviewer":{"name":"Ian White","id":"2147787161968721"}},{"created_time":"2019-03-15T10:44:40+0000","recommendation_type":"positive","review_text":"The text reminder is really handy and happy with how my windows came up. I\u2019ve posted your Facebook page on our community site. Thanks again for a job well done \ud83d\udc4d","reviewer":{"name":"Louise Westley","id":"2244169205627029"}},{"created_time":"2019-03-14T21:20:14+0000","recommendation_type":"positive","review_text":"Good job done. Needed to dry the windows as the residual drops have dried leaving further makes, but overall a good service delivered","reviewer":{"name":"Helen Vyas","id":"2104423419648229"}},{"created_time":"2019-03-07T14:56:42+0000","recommendation_type":"positive","review_text":"Did my windows last week , fantastic job done ,would definitely recommend .","reviewer":{"name":"Marie Burke","id":"2623791904360146"}},{"created_time":"2019-03-07T14:41:28+0000","recommendation_type":"positive","review_text":"Excellent job, fast & efficient. Definitely recommend.","reviewer":{"name":"Kevin Smith","id":"2230264170368576"}},{"created_time":"2019-02-28T12:44:35+0000","recommendation_type":"positive","review_text":"Top service, nice friendly guys! My windows look amazing! Thank you! Would highly recommend \ud83d\ude01","reviewer":{"name":"Helen Mathieson","id":"2244140915648721"}},{"created_time":"2019-02-26T22:56:51+0000","recommendation_type":"positive","review_text":"These guys did a great job on our conservatory, cladding and gutters last weekend. Would recommend \ud83d\udc4d\ud83d\udc4c","reviewer":{"name":"Christopher Taylo R","id":"2327478580606241"}},{"created_time":"2019-02-20T20:34:39+0000","recommendation_type":"positive","review_text":"excellent service, windows\/frames and doors were sparkling","reviewer":{"name":"Tracey Corfield","id":"2254496051237793"}},{"created_time":"2019-02-17T20:39:39+0000","recommendation_type":"positive","review_text":"Windows and frames were filthy as our previous window cleaner stopped coming without notice some time ago. Pete took a great deal of time on his first visit and did an amazing job. His communication regarding dates and times was absolutrely brilliant, highly recommended.","reviewer":{"name":"Alan Blank","id":"2485080338233262"}},{"created_time":"2019-02-15T17:24:46+0000","recommendation_type":"positive","review_text":"superb, excellent communication, great service even cleaned the doors and frames amazing job","reviewer":{"name":"Alexander Hambleton-Ayling","id":"2334517713226681"}},{"created_time":"2019-02-13T12:25:56+0000","recommendation_type":"positive","review_text":"5* Service. Absolutely brilliant job guys. First time today (13th February). Thank you so much. Would highly recommend.","reviewer":{"name":"Christine Ann Burke","id":"1823996381045683"}},{"created_time":"2019-02-04T16:21:16+0000","recommendation_type":"positive","review_text":"Would recommend Pete and Tom, did a fantastic job on my windows!","reviewer":{"name":"Katie Smith","id":"2662392617134538"}},{"created_time":"2019-02-03T20:55:45+0000","recommendation_type":"positive","review_text":"Top service from these lovely guys! Window cleaning easy to arrange, text message to tell you when they are coming and direct debit payments so I don\u2019t have to worry about having cash! Professionally cleaned in no time and 2 weeks later still gleaming in this rubbish weather!!! Also added bonus when I\u2019m off work I get to see Pete\u2019s beautiful face \ufffd thanks guys!","rating":5,"reviewer":{"name":"Holly McCall","id":"2132727360127515"}},{"created_time":"2019-02-02T17:42:57+0000","recommendation_type":"positive","review_text":"friendly and thorough. an excellent service","reviewer":{"name":"Tony Taylor","id":"2584292484919645"}},{"created_time":"2019-02-02T10:07:09+0000","recommendation_type":"positive","review_text":"Totally recommend Pete and Tom, they are prompt and reliable and do a great job. \nParticularly pleased with them using poles not ladders so they don\u2019t walk all over the roof at the front of my house. \nThey also message you to let you know when they are going to be there. Best window cleaners we\u2019ve ever had.","reviewer":{"name":"Lisa Platt","id":"2194601550597229"}},{"created_time":"2019-01-31T15:46:06+0000","recommendation_type":"positive","review_text":"Had my first clean today as had to cancel last time due to scaffolding.\nThe windows and sills are so clean, I wasn't expecting them to do the doors as well and they've come up absolutely sparkling. Thank you.","reviewer":{"name":"Natalie Clarkson","id":"3008579559167501"}},{"created_time":"2019-01-29T16:39:49+0000","recommendation_type":"positive","review_text":"Had my first window clean from these guys, fab job, highly reccomend, \ud83d\udc4d\ud83d\udc4d\ud83d\udc4d","reviewer":{"name":"Maxine Brindle","id":"2116639728430783"}},{"created_time":"2019-01-20T14:51:47+0000","recommendation_type":"positive","review_text":"Had my windows cleaned a few days ago. I live in a second floor flat and was struggling to find a window cleaner to do them. Then I found RnB and they did a brilliant job considering they had never been done properly before. Highly recommend and will be staying with RnB \ud83d\ude42","reviewer":{"name":"Lauren Louise","id":"2001793316595398"}},{"created_time":"2019-01-19T21:32:27+0000","recommendation_type":"positive","review_text":"had the cafe windows cleaned yesterday by R & B Window Cleaning. what a fantastic job, everyone needs to use this company. highly recommend.","reviewer":{"name":"Janine Burbidge","id":"2270930482919273"}},{"created_time":"2019-01-18T13:27:52+0000","recommendation_type":"positive","review_text":"Absolutely brilliant proper clean job highly recommend these","reviewer":{"name":"Jilz Bowie","id":"2933914329959480"}},{"created_time":"2019-01-16T19:37:46+0000","recommendation_type":"positive","review_text":"Had R\u2019N\u2019B Windows clean my salon windows today, great service, very friendly, windows look great would highly recommend","reviewer":{"name":"Lynsey Jacques-Gibbons","id":"2044005069028609"}},{"created_time":"2019-01-09T13:26:13+0000","recommendation_type":"positive","review_text":"Had been let down by 2 other companies after my window cleaner of 20 years plus retired. Pete turned up on the day he said he would and was friendly and professional. A good job for a fair price. Would definitely recommend.","reviewer":{"name":"Karen McCarthy","id":"976967612427245"}},{"created_time":"2019-01-08T10:36:36+0000","recommendation_type":"positive","review_text":"Pete came to clean my windows for the first time yesterday and I am very happy with the results. Been let down by other window cleaners but Pete text the night before to say he would be coming. Great service, great price and spotless windows. I would recommend to anyone.","reviewer":{"name":"Lynn Pagent","id":"2255194061177990"}},{"created_time":"2019-01-06T21:11:00+0000","recommendation_type":"positive","review_text":"Pete came to clean our gutters, he booked us in that a time that was convenient to us and arrived on time. He did a great job with our gutters showing us with a camera what they now looked like after cleaning. The prices were fair and did not charge us extra as its a three storey like other company's do would highly recommend.","reviewer":{"name":"Mark Greatorex","id":"2037401426345240"}},{"created_time":"2018-12-29T12:15:40+0000","recommendation_type":"positive","review_text":"Friendly and efficient service gutters all cleared and cleaned thanks x","reviewer":{"name":"Michelle Robinson","id":"1994859633902839"}},{"created_time":"2018-12-14T16:47:09+0000","recommendation_type":"positive","review_text":"First visit from RNB today. Very pleasant and made a great job \ud83d\udc4d\ud83c\udffb","reviewer":{"name":"Jeanette Cocker","id":"2476132102459325"}},{"created_time":"2018-12-07T11:39:45+0000","recommendation_type":"positive","review_text":"Would recommend R\u2019N\u2019 B window cleaning, they done an absolutely fantastic job on cleaning my windows,doors finally got what you call a window cleaner.","reviewer":{"name":"Angela Vaughan","id":"2150992731606178"}},{"created_time":"2018-12-01T18:17:53+0000","recommendation_type":"positive","review_text":"Had gutters, facias and windows cleaned. Great job and great price.\nWould highly recommend them.","reviewer":{"name":"Kelly Fitzmaurice","id":"2477135615661825"}},{"created_time":"2018-12-01T09:50:13+0000","recommendation_type":"positive","review_text":"5 out of 5 Stars for R N B Window Cleaning! Never seen the frames and doors so white!! The windows were cleaned brilliantly. They arrived on the day as promised and can pay through the bank which is very handy. x","reviewer":{"name":"Rachel Timbrell","id":"2096227867130001"}},{"created_time":"2018-11-30T09:38:39+0000","recommendation_type":"positive","review_text":"Absolutely bloody fantastic! Very reliable and very good.","reviewer":{"name":"Rosie Ogrady","id":"2001420429956204"}},{"created_time":"2018-11-28T20:13:02+0000","recommendation_type":"positive","review_text":"Fab service, really friendly and reliable.\nText reminder was great, as is the option to pay via bank transfer.\nWill definitely use again. Thanks!","reviewer":{"name":"Rachael Alexander","id":"2043249605759471"}},{"created_time":"2018-11-27T18:56:34+0000","recommendation_type":"positive","review_text":"I had my gutters cleaned. Pete turned up on time and did an excellent job. I would highly recommend.","reviewer":{"name":"Robyn Okeefe","id":"2065554610203436"}},{"created_time":"2018-11-27T16:39:42+0000","recommendation_type":"positive","review_text":"First time you washed my windows and I'm so happy. No streaks just lovely clean windows. Thank you so much","reviewer":{"name":"Nicola Dale","id":"2167293870002038"}},{"created_time":"2018-11-27T12:13:41+0000","recommendation_type":"positive","review_text":"Highly recommend. 3 storey town house done with ease and all looks great.","reviewer":{"name":"Melissa Reilly","id":"2719924748032580"}},{"created_time":"2018-11-26T11:39:59+0000","recommendation_type":"positive","review_text":"We had our gutters cleaned at the weekend, he did a fantastic job! Will definitely use them again!","reviewer":{"name":"Marie Evans","id":"2010515445733518"}},{"created_time":"2018-11-10T12:30:07+0000","recommendation_type":"positive","review_text":"I have been meaning to clean my gutters for a while as I have never had them done. After seeing an advert I contacted Pete, he shown me all the rubbish which had collected in my gutters I was shocked, but they now look brand new. Whilst here he also cleaned my windows, and they have never looked so clean. Amazing service, booked in again for my windows next month \ud83d\ude0a","reviewer":{"name":"Jenny Scallon","id":"2190678854308353"}},{"created_time":"2018-11-08T01:12:55+0000","recommendation_type":"positive","review_text":"Would highly recommend Pete. He did a great job cleaning our windows. Very polite and professional, thank you!","reviewer":{"name":"Monika Bujanowska","id":"2048697995237822"}},{"created_time":"2018-11-06T08:13:49+0000","recommendation_type":"positive","review_text":"Appointment arranged in no time with great customer service, love the text appt reminder! Turned up on time and windows were done in a flash, they are crystal clear Thankyou Pete! Lovely friendly service. Also love that I can pay by direct debit because I am rubbish at carrying cash. 5* service","rating":5,"reviewer":{"name":"Amanda Evans","id":"2739622329381134"}},{"created_time":"2018-10-31T18:46:46+0000","recommendation_type":"positive","review_text":"Spot on first rate service \ud83d\udc4d","reviewer":{"name":"Lee Hindley","id":"2090580547691790"}},{"created_time":"2018-10-31T18:26:51+0000","recommendation_type":"positive","review_text":"First time we have had our windows cleaned and we are very happy all booked in again defo would recommend u will not be disappointed very friendly to thank u \ud83d\ude0a","rating":5,"reviewer":{"name":"Nicola Lockett","id":"2309809889037569"}},{"created_time":"2018-10-31T10:19:08+0000","recommendation_type":"positive","review_text":"Awesome job done on my windows today. Very effecient and 5 star service from R 'N' B windows. Highly recommended and above all, windows are sparkling clean.","reviewer":{"name":"Mo Rehman","id":"2182324261817638"}},{"created_time":"2018-10-28T10:14:12+0000","recommendation_type":"positive","review_text":"The best window cleaner EVER!!! Super polite, very efficient, always punctual & to top it all off he\u2019s a fantastic guy. Constantly goes above & beyond when working on my house & I recommend everyone using this company if you want to windows to sparkle & remain in great condition. His tools are so Wicked too, top of the range gear! Thanks for everything RnB Windows.","reviewer":{"name":"Carla Duffy","id":"2071745922903650"}},{"created_time":"2018-10-28T10:13:30+0000","recommendation_type":"positive","review_text":"Fantastic work done to a very highly standard every single time and a top bloke too I would recommend this firm everyday of the week \ud83d\udc4d\ud83c\udffc","reviewer":{"name":"Tracy Messenger","id":"2033515753411899"}},{"created_time":"2018-10-26T12:34:47+0000","recommendation_type":"positive","review_text":"Very happy with the service from R n B! They cleaned our windows for the first-time this week after changing from our traditional window cleaner who couldn't access some of our windows due to extensions\/porches. Every window in our house is clean for the first time in a very long time. From the outset contact has been great. They have been very helpful, texted the night before to confirm the day they would come and turned up on the day arranged. Great job and great service all round.","reviewer":{"name":"Jenni Wood","id":"2045949482153055"}},{"created_time":"2018-10-26T11:38:54+0000","recommendation_type":"positive","review_text":"R N B did my windows today for the first time. They did a great job. \nWill definitely be using them again.\nReliable and great customer care.\nWould highly recommend.","reviewer":{"name":"Sarah Radcliffe","id":"2228374863891957"}},{"created_time":"2018-10-25T16:14:15+0000","recommendation_type":"positive","review_text":"Brilliant service nice polite people,do excellent jog would recommend","rating":5,"reviewer":{"name":"Bernard Brotherton","id":"2201375979885869"}},{"created_time":"2018-10-09T16:51:40+0000","recommendation_type":"positive","review_text":"Pete is lovely. Really Happy! he has done a great job. Never seen them looking so good \ud83c\udf1f would defiantly recommend.","reviewer":{"name":"Sarah Worrall","id":"2455521044518927"}},{"created_time":"2018-10-05T14:30:15+0000","recommendation_type":"positive","review_text":"I had R n B Window cleaning around today for the first time. They are a very professional company. All the windows, frames and doors a lovely and clean. No streaks. Thank you, Pete, for a well-done job. You are a diamond.","reviewer":{"name":"Sean Vgn","id":"2157512924309568"}},{"created_time":"2018-10-05T14:02:52+0000","recommendation_type":"positive","review_text":"I am so pleased with R n B Window Cleaning. All my windows have been cleaned today. Pete is very thourgh and professional. I would highly recomend this company. Pete is a keeper. Thank you!","rating":5,"reviewer":{"name":"Adalaide Paterson","id":"2225984504186486"}},{"created_time":"2018-10-04T10:16:18+0000","recommendation_type":"positive","review_text":"Fantastic service. Petes very reliable and friendly. Window and doors cleaned to a very high standard. Definitely recommend him.","reviewer":{"name":"Gaynor Burke","id":"2020990754685902"}},{"created_time":"2018-10-03T12:18:18+0000","recommendation_type":"positive","review_text":"Had my windows cleaned today excellent service and excellent value for money very happy customer \ud83d\ude0a","rating":5,"reviewer":{"name":"Danielle Pearson","id":"2214720791921343"}},{"created_time":"2018-10-02T08:52:43+0000","recommendation_type":"positive","review_text":"Pete very reliable on time every month, very friendly does a great job very thorough windows cleaned to a very high standard. \nWould without a doubt recommend rnb window cleaningalso very reasonable prices.","reviewer":{"name":"Antony Armstrong","id":"2448632051833332"}},{"created_time":"2018-09-27T19:44:13+0000","recommendation_type":"positive","review_text":"Great service have had my windows cleaned for 2 months now Pete done a great job even cleaning the window sills and doors \ud83d\udc4d polite and friendly guy... 5 star would recommend to anyone needing a window cleaner. \ud83d\ude01","reviewer":{"name":"Helen Gordon","id":"2389779464430560"}},{"created_time":"2018-09-26T19:33:41+0000","recommendation_type":"positive","review_text":"Have used R'N'B twice now to clean are windows, they do a excellent job & the windows stays cleaner for longer. Hope you get all the success you deserve. Highly recommended","reviewer":{"name":"Dave Stoddard","id":"2482363265138640"}},{"created_time":"2018-09-26T15:32:22+0000","recommendation_type":"positive","review_text":"Really impressed with the customer service and quality of the clean done on my windows and sills. Definitely would recommend!!!","reviewer":{"name":"Rachel Fearn","id":"2024458067668102"}},{"created_time":"2018-09-26T03:09:49+0000","recommendation_type":"positive","review_text":"Brilliant, very reliable and does a great job, highly recommended.","reviewer":{"name":"Julie MacNab Jillings","id":"2681607581857118"}},{"created_time":"2018-09-25T20:59:19+0000","recommendation_type":"positive","review_text":"Brilliant service, very reliable and excellent comunication will be using R n B for a long time great job done well !!!!","rating":5,"reviewer":{"name":"Catherin Loonam","id":"2870665992974302"}},{"created_time":"2018-09-25T20:39:55+0000","recommendation_type":"positive","review_text":"Had my windows doors and sills cleaned by R&B windows good job well done. The price is great great paying them by transfer so helpful when you work full time. \nWould highly recommend them Failsworth 68","reviewer":{"name":"Ann Marie Keane","id":"1996069657156781"}},{"created_time":"2018-09-25T20:36:17+0000","recommendation_type":"positive","review_text":"Excellent Cleaning and reliable service. Been looking for a window cleaner for a long time and could not have hoped for better.","reviewer":{"name":"David Callicott","id":"1951836354945409"}},{"created_time":"2018-09-24T23:12:12+0000","recommendation_type":"positive","review_text":"Great service and excellent communication! We\u2019re so pleased to have finally found someone who does a great job and love the option to pay direct debit \ud83d\udc4d\ud83c\udffc\ud83d\udc4d\ud83c\udffc","reviewer":{"name":"Helen Watts","id":"2236228963075145"}},{"created_time":"2018-09-24T21:20:00+0000","recommendation_type":"positive","review_text":"These guys have been cleaning our windows for a few months now, great service, lovely people! Would recommend!","rating":5,"reviewer":{"name":"Ashley Lauren Smallwood","id":"2126747300701673"}},{"created_time":"2018-09-14T21:35:42+0000","recommendation_type":"positive","review_text":"Had my Windows cleaned today for the first time by this company, what a difference my Windows and sills are spotless. Would definitely recommend.","reviewer":{"name":"Angela Mcelroy","id":"2089166874467657"}},{"created_time":"2018-09-11T02:04:21+0000","recommendation_type":"positive","review_text":"What such an amazing service you get very polite and well mannered always out for the dates you have asked for always does the job very well and makes sure my windows are sparkly clean before leaving thanks so much for being amazing","reviewer":{"name":"Danielle-Louise Doherty Glascoe","id":"1739796299475799"}},{"created_time":"2018-09-10T10:44:10+0000","recommendation_type":"positive","review_text":"Really happy with this company. Really reasonably priced and excellent service. 5 stars!","reviewer":{"name":"Vicky Griffiths","id":"2005834052789773"}},{"created_time":"2018-09-08T20:33:46+0000","recommendation_type":"positive","review_text":"Reliable friendly and would definitely recommend R\u2019N\u2019B window cleaning","reviewer":{"name":"Jackie Barrow","id":"1877522572297351"}},{"created_time":"2018-09-08T17:02:42+0000","recommendation_type":"positive","review_text":"r n b window cleaning have done my Windows twice now they do a really good good and the prize is very good thank you","reviewer":{"name":"Paula Finn","id":"1781913918588262"}},{"created_time":"2018-09-08T16:05:25+0000","recommendation_type":"positive","review_text":"Been looking for a window cleaning for a while came a cross r n b rang him up and he said he would be here on 6 September and he was very nice guy he did a great job and a good price","reviewer":{"name":"Sandra Burgess","id":"2092572254107844"}},{"created_time":"2018-09-08T14:54:48+0000","recommendation_type":"positive","review_text":"Great reliable service by a very friendly guy. Would highly recommend.","reviewer":{"name":"Deletha Hughes","id":"1659721137489908"}},{"created_time":"2018-09-08T13:48:12+0000","recommendation_type":"positive","review_text":"Fantastic, our windows, frames and fascias look great","reviewer":{"name":"Aarron Thomas Peake","id":"1818209251622773"}},{"created_time":"2018-09-08T13:41:53+0000","recommendation_type":"positive","review_text":"I started using RNB acouple of months ago and Pete does an excellent job at a reasonable price. I would definitely recommend him. Take no notice of any bad reviews about RNB. Pete does a brilliant job is very friendly easy to deal with. As I said previously a great job at a very fair price.","rating":5,"reviewer":{"name":"James Ryan","id":"2098272230207688"}},{"created_time":"2018-09-08T13:40:42+0000","recommendation_type":"positive","review_text":"Really good job and all the frames get a clean . Would highly recommend","rating":5,"reviewer":{"name":"Debbie Sharples","id":"2247609768639190"}},{"created_time":"2018-09-08T13:32:01+0000","recommendation_type":"positive","review_text":"they are really good and doing work hard in less money well done","reviewer":{"name":"Nabeela Abbas","id":"1887055084716410"}},{"created_time":"2018-09-08T08:11:08+0000","recommendation_type":"positive","review_text":"Fantastic job, windows and frames look great! So easy to pay direct debit too \ud83d\ude0a","reviewer":{"name":"Rachel Platt","id":"1813318892070847"}},{"created_time":"2018-09-07T19:11:06+0000","recommendation_type":"positive","review_text":"A fantastic job every time, would definitely recommend \ud83d\udc4d","reviewer":{"name":"Claire Marsden","id":"2026582750740918"}},{"created_time":"2018-09-07T18:29:50+0000","recommendation_type":"positive","review_text":"the windows and all the pvc and front and back doors, are sparkling. so glad i had them done by r n b windows. will be recommending them 2 all my friends and contacts on my fb page.","reviewer":{"name":"Carole Davies","id":"2257424240937923"}},{"created_time":"2018-09-06T17:17:29+0000","recommendation_type":"positive","review_text":"They do a top job at a neat price, very reliable also.","reviewer":{"name":"Peter Hall","id":"1696588023801867"}},{"created_time":"2018-08-28T13:39:41+0000","recommendation_type":"positive","review_text":"Just had my first clean done a fantastic job window sills clean and front door which my window cleaner dosn't do .Will be definitely using you again \ud83d\ude0a","reviewer":{"name":"Sharon Morrow","id":"1889631137795423"}},{"created_time":"2018-08-21T22:19:04+0000","recommendation_type":"positive","review_text":"Did a fantastic job on my Windows would defo recommend these to anyone \ud83d\udc4c","reviewer":{"name":"Ryan Mack","id":"1894093804005185"}},{"created_time":"2018-08-20T20:51:10+0000","recommendation_type":"positive","review_text":"First time using them. Windows and surrounds are pristine. Booked in again with them","rating":5,"reviewer":{"name":"Adam McMahon","id":"1860598227355582"}},{"created_time":"2018-08-14T13:56:56+0000","recommendation_type":"positive","review_text":"Wasn't too sure about the water pole method, always had the traditional ladders and cloths way. But I can honestly say that I am really pleased with the job Pete did. Also a good job done on clearing the gutters, no more sludge on the patio. Thanks","reviewer":{"name":"Gillian Reed Wood","id":"1351924684910802"}},{"created_time":"2018-08-13T18:58:14+0000","recommendation_type":"positive","review_text":"R \u2018N\u2019 B did a great job wouldn\u2019t hesitate to recommend.","reviewer":{"name":"Dennis Butler","id":"1865376003498796"}},{"created_time":"2018-08-10T14:13:00+0000","recommendation_type":"positive","review_text":"Needed windows cleaning asap as my mum was coming home after many weeks away, and would have been in trouble for neglecting her windows lol \ufffd Pete was able to come on such short notice and got all windows, sils and frames cleaned! Will definitely be recommending to many! Again thank you pete!! \ufffd","rating":5,"reviewer":{"name":"Anisa Fatima","id":"2137441232993272"}},{"created_time":"2018-07-29T15:57:04+0000","recommendation_type":"positive","review_text":"First clean on Friday with R&B and windows and conservatory look like new. Would highly recommend. Excellent work, a job well done.","rating":5,"reviewer":{"name":"Lorna Prescott","id":"2219428414766094"}},{"created_time":"2018-07-27T18:25:03+0000","recommendation_type":"positive","review_text":"been looking for a window cleaner high and low everywhere false promises from others but this guy came did the job perfect great price great job i will be using you guys every time and i recommend everyone else to use your services","rating":5,"reviewer":{"name":"Minhaz Ahmed","id":"1854129724700297"}},{"created_time":"2018-07-23T20:12:04+0000","recommendation_type":"positive","review_text":"Spot on service and very cheap definitely worth trying them out, highly recommend!","rating":5,"reviewer":{"name":"Zak Andrew","id":"2575905869089871"}},{"created_time":"2018-07-09T16:26:15+0000","recommendation_type":"positive","review_text":"Pete did a brilliant job cleaning our windows - really easy and convenient service to use, definately would recommend. They even managed to get a really awkward window on the second floor that I didn't think we'd ever get clean, nice one guys!","rating":5,"reviewer":{"name":"Jack Hardman","id":"2333678703339181"}},{"created_time":"2018-07-04T17:15:42+0000","recommendation_type":"positive","review_text":"1st class excellent l job. Friendly reliable and did a brilliant job on my Windows. Easy too as you can pay direct debit \ud83d\udc4c x","rating":5,"reviewer":{"name":"Hayley Connelly","id":"2235764423163958"}},{"created_time":"2018-06-11T15:45:16+0000","recommendation_type":"positive","review_text":"Just had my windows done for the first time from this company and they are sparkling Would definitely recommend \ufffd Thank you","rating":5,"reviewer":{"name":"Kayley Louise","id":"1799517160085352"}},{"created_time":"2018-06-10T17:35:54+0000","recommendation_type":"positive","review_text":"First clean yesterday off these guys ! Windows are amazing as are sills and frames which isn\u2019t something you usually get! Love the option to pay via direct debit as due to job I\u2019m never in to bloody pay so this is a fast and easy service for me!! Won\u2019t be having anyone else !!","rating":5,"reviewer":{"name":"Sian Watson","id":"1892952634087331"}},{"created_time":"2018-06-09T22:01:10+0000","recommendation_type":"positive","review_text":"Had all my gutters cleaned today very professional, clean and friendly service, would definitely recommend to anyone needing this job done.","rating":5,"reviewer":{"name":"Paula Green","id":"1922154384530560"}},{"created_time":"2018-06-05T09:41:57+0000","recommendation_type":"positive","review_text":"Had my first window\/door clean today, They look fantastic. I'm so impressed I have booked for a regular clean. Highly recommended. Thank you","rating":5,"reviewer":{"name":"Gaynor Thornhill","id":"2790778277606371"}},{"created_time":"2018-06-04T09:08:25+0000","recommendation_type":"positive","review_text":"Really reliable, excellent service, work done in no time at all, got shown step by step to inspect the work, will be recommending to family and friends....","rating":5,"reviewer":{"name":"Sheila Kaur","id":"2183394498401902"}},{"created_time":"2018-05-27T13:18:45+0000","recommendation_type":"positive","review_text":"Had my first visit from R'n'B this week and the windows are sparkling as is every windowsill and frame!!! Respectful and commited Pete did a fantastic job. Finally found a cracking window cleaner at a great rate! Highly recommend R'n'B Window Cleaning. Thank you","rating":5,"reviewer":{"name":"Julie Newall","id":"1712544245523093"}},{"created_time":"2018-05-22T17:21:01+0000","recommendation_type":"positive","review_text":"Returned home to gorgoeus clean windows. Professional and reliable service from start to finish. Would highly recommend. Thank you so much!","rating":5,"reviewer":{"name":"Natasha Louise","id":"2060101704034125"}},{"created_time":"2018-05-21T16:12:57+0000","recommendation_type":"positive","review_text":"Great job been done by you guys today ... gleaming windows well worth the money ... defo recommend... same time next month please ...","rating":5,"reviewer":{"name":"Clarabella Louise Curtis","id":"2022492187795059"}},{"created_time":"2018-05-21T07:35:51+0000","recommendation_type":"positive","review_text":"Excellent work on the windows, I have to say that they have never looked as good as they did after just one go over from you. Top marks!","rating":5,"reviewer":{"name":"Martin Harding","id":"2317493298278133"}},{"created_time":"2018-05-20T20:50:34+0000","recommendation_type":"positive","review_text":"Pete did my windows this week and did such an amazing job at a very reasonable price. So friendly and my windows are sparkling! Would highly recommend \ufffd\ufffd","rating":5,"reviewer":{"name":"Jackie McNamee","id":"2025449474142629"}},{"created_time":"2018-05-18T14:06:10+0000","recommendation_type":"positive","review_text":"Used for the first time today and I have to say brilliant results. Will now be using these guys every 4 weeks without fail. Highly recommended.","rating":5,"reviewer":{"name":"Michael Davis","id":"1895250640568172"}},{"created_time":"2018-05-17T19:11:51+0000","recommendation_type":"positive","review_text":"Windows are gleaming \ufffd will defo be having use again! Once again thank you!!","rating":5,"reviewer":{"name":"Doz Mary","id":"1053644521426905"}},{"created_time":"2018-05-16T22:05:11+0000","recommendation_type":"positive","review_text":"Highly recommended. Came home from work to sparkling clean windows and all my doors and upvc cleaned. Amazing service for a good price. \ufffd\ufffd.","rating":5,"reviewer":{"name":"Sarah McLaughlin","id":"2140966409248721"}},{"created_time":"2018-05-16T15:12:29+0000","recommendation_type":"positive","rating":5,"reviewer":{"name":"Diane Vere","id":"2456851431008001"}},{"created_time":"2018-05-14T17:05:07+0000","recommendation_type":"positive","review_text":"Fab job. Didnt realise how dirty they were! Being dazzled by the sun!!! Have been trying to find a window cleaner for ages!","rating":5,"reviewer":{"name":"Heidi Harding","id":"1866492723438977"}},{"created_time":"2018-05-14T13:23:36+0000","recommendation_type":"positive","review_text":"Would highly recommend, very friendly, professional, reliable service which is very reasonably priced. Not only my windows but all upvc frames and doors are gleaming, very happy customer.","rating":5,"reviewer":{"name":"Michelle Lusty","id":"1930908903623688"}},{"created_time":"2018-05-12T13:58:36+0000","recommendation_type":"positive","review_text":"Fantastic job, windows are sparkling and done in practically no time at all, definitely worth the money. Great guy, thanks, will definitely be recommending him.","rating":5,"reviewer":{"name":"Samantha Fenton","id":"2057259447639449"}},{"created_time":"2018-05-12T13:05:00+0000","recommendation_type":"positive","review_text":"Very impressed by the end results, don't think any cleaner has had this result before. Very friendly and affordable 🙂 see you again in 4 weeks","rating":5,"reviewer":{"name":"Camille Roberts","id":"1895432660533332"}},{"created_time":"2018-05-12T09:56:40+0000","recommendation_type":"positive","review_text":"Had the pleasure of R 'N' B cleaning my windows today great service and fantastic results, good luck on your new business venture see you every 4 weeks! \n\nHappy customer","rating":5,"reviewer":{"name":"Michelle Bradley","id":"1951371394923096"}},{"created_time":"2018-05-12T09:34:42+0000","recommendation_type":"positive","review_text":"No problem, clean windows and a nice guy.","rating":5,"reviewer":{"name":"Chris McNulty","id":"1445147778921214"}},{"created_time":"2018-05-11T17:59:16+0000","recommendation_type":"positive","review_text":"Absolutely made up. My windows are gleaming ... would highly recommend this firm as they spend time making sure all windows are spotless","rating":5,"reviewer":{"name":"Bev Ratcliffe","id":"1825319750838922"}},{"created_time":"2018-05-09T11:19:25+0000","recommendation_type":"positive","rating":5,"reviewer":{"name":"Adam Smith","id":"2028435343842615"}},{"created_time":"2018-05-08T20:46:18+0000","recommendation_type":"positive","review_text":"I had Pete do my windows today. He was reliable and professional and has done an excellent job","rating":4,"reviewer":{"name":"Vicky Froggatt","id":"1136692346455979"}}]},"id":"398327010635273"}
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Here What Some Words From Our Customers On Google Places

Lee Emberson
Lee Emberson
12:58 11 Jan 19
Cannot praise Pete highly enough. He turned up today and worked so hard to make our developments windows look the best they have ever looked. There are so many poor window cleaners out there (i've employed several) that it's a relief to find one who so obviously takes a pride in the work they do. It's immediately evident. Would recommend to anyone. I particularly find the communication from Pete excellent - he does what he says and offers added conveniences such as a text the day before to let you know he will be coming. Very happy.read more
Beverley McNamara
Beverley McNamara
10:17 11 Jan 19
I am delighted with the results following the visits from R n B Window Cleaning. I really appreciate that they clean every aspect of the window and even clean all the doors! Many thanks for your professional approach.read more
21:11 06 Jan 19
Pete came to clean our gutters, he booked us in that a time that was convenient to us and arrived on time. He did a great job with our gutters showing us with a camera what they now looked like after cleaning. The prices were fair and did not charge us extra as its a three storey like other company's do would highly recommend.read more
Carla Duffy
Carla Duffy
20:45 28 Oct 18
Fantastic customer service and super reliable! I would recommend Pete to anyone and promise them this. You wont ever be disappointed. Thanks again for all your hard work RnB Windows.read more
julie newall
julie newall
20:37 25 Sep 18
Extremely reliable! Fantastic price! Friendly team and above all else a quality job!! Goes above and beyond, cleaning every inch of windows, doors, frames and sills. Finally have sparkly windows. Thanks RnB always top if my list to recommend to others 🙂read more
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