Covid-19 And Your Window Cleaning Service

At R n B Window Cleaning our customers are at the heart of everything we do.  Right now our Country is facing its biggest challenge ever.  While our work may not appear to be essential to many, it’s essential that we carry on for those customers that wish to continue to support us right now in these very difficult times.  As our duties seldom bring us into any direct contact with our customers we would like to carry on cleaning your windows. 

We have taken the following to steps to ensure we are responsible while visiting your home.

  • We are wearing gloves to clean your windows.
  • Washing our hands frequently to minimise any cross contamination.
  • As we don’t come into direct contact with many of our customers we are calling out into rear gardens to ensure adequate social distancing.
  • We recommend if you can, make payments via bank transfer to minimise cross contamination in cash handling.  (Details can be found on our text message reminder service).
  • During this time we will not be posting any of our calling cards, flyers or other printed materials through our customers letter box.  You will know we are coming as will continue to send you a text message the night before.  You will know we have been because your windows will sparkle.
  •  Please be aware that while we are working around your home we wish to keep a minimum of a 2-meter gap between you and us.
  • We are not carrying out any Gutter Cleaning right now as we often need to come into close contact with our customers.  You can still arrange a Gutter Clean, and we will get back to you when things are back to normal.

More Information

Because we love you and want you to stay safe!

You can stay up to date with all the current developments with Coronavirus (Covid 19) by visiting the following websites.

Visit the UK Governments website for more details and how to obtain help, support and advice:

Visit the NHS Website for the latest advice on the Coronavirus (Covid-19) for the most practical steps you can take to remain safe and well.

Thank You!